Simple workout program to build your strength

This still can be challenging, but the more comfortable one gets, the more strength can be developed.

If one gets tired at first, it is OK to use less force to hold the stretch positions. Start by stretching your arm in front of your body as far as comfortable into a 90 degree position. To extend further, you can lean forward a bit. Hold each position for 30 seconds. Slowly make your way back to starting position and repeat. This is done just the first two weeks, to get comfortable stretching and do your warm-up by jumping rope.

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With your hands on the floor or on your knees, leaning forward slightly, extend the elbows, arms and upper arms out to sides by pressing the back and front of your body against the floor. Stretch the arms and stretch the chest. Breathing deeply, push your heels into the floor to maintain balance and extend your upper body into a straight line behind your body. You may have to make several tries to extend your upper arms straight or at an angle. Hold this position for 5 – 40 seconds. Try to extend your arm into position until you can hold it there for 5 – 30 seconds. This is the goal. Slowly return to starting position by flexing the arms back towards your chest. Repeat 5 – 30 presses as described. Do this 2 – 4 times after stretching, as you get more comfortable with the position.

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With your back against the floor, bend your knees to one side only to the point of slight discomfort but hold balanced. Keep the side you are bending to against the floor. Extend your arms out to the side with your elbows in front. In one move, push off of your heels and get your body up and into a stable plank. Hold your position for 30 seconds and return slowly to the starting position. LOW LUNGE Put both feet forward pushing into the floor. Lower your body as low as you can go with your knees pointing straight forward. Keep your elbows in and your chest and shoulders open. Do these 6 – 10 times. After this exercise you can put your feet together in a pushup position.