Why your training is painful or is not effective and steps to improve it

Some advice to help men of all ages and levels of fitness to improve and reach their goals.

"Train to the pain" doesn't mean "push yourself". Never push yourself more than your body can take. How do you know if you're pushing your body past its tolerance? To feel the burn and not let your muscles go stiff before they need to. You can go too far with training, so there should be a point where training begins to feel like pain. Then you stop doing it.

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To make sure you're not going too far. Look at the bodybuilder in the mirror (no one, especially a competitive athlete, does this), and feeling the way he or she would feel under those circumstances. Pain is pain. For most of us, pain is a necessary part of healthy, active living. But when it stops being pain, and starts being "training," then there's a real problem. When it stops being pain and starts being something else, it's probably time to back off - and take a look at just exactly what's going on here and make sure it's time to change what you're doing and what your goals are. Or at least see if there are adjustments you could make at this stage. Maybe you can add some jump rope training to the mix.

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Because if you're doing more than your body can take when it comes to training, that's going to lead to a lot of problems - most importantly, injury. If you find you need pain as a signal that you're overdoing it. First, "think about where your pain is coming from - your body wants to tell you if someone's giving you a little bit more than it's used to.