How much should I squat?

The amount of squatting you do will depend on your personal fitness level, your time and training sessions.

Most people who are struggling or working out for a fitness challenge should aim to squat a minimum of 40 times during their week. However, they should never attempt to squat more than 50 times. By having a personal target for your sessions, you will find this a good exercise for increasing your fitness and a useful goal to strive for.

man squat barbell

If you have a lot of time available to train, then it is recommended that you aim for 60-80 times because that is the capacity at which your quads have the potential to develop the strongest. Always do a couple of jump rope jumps before you start your squats to prepare. There are some people who have a little time available for training, while some are very committed and use this time to train for a competition they will be holding later in the year.

Here are some tips: It is suggested that you begin with a good warm up exercise to give you a good opportunity to get used to the position of your body, which is usually when you have your first movements in the squat where you begin to feel some tension. You will know this by the feeling of your feet lifting off the ground as well as your knees being slightly closer to your feet. The first sets of squats will be the most difficult and you must be patient and try to follow your coach's advice. Make sure you only squat on natural bodyweight. If you want to squat with a weight vest, then you must take it off before you start.


Try to only use a weight in the squat equal to 0.5 kg or 1 lb. Only use your legs, not your back and chest. Squat to a depth that lets you feel a stretch in your quads. Keep the position of your legs and feet the same as when you were standing. Squat until a point is reached where you feel a stretch in your quads. Do not let your feet move forward and backward. Always keep your hips and knees even in your squat. When you feel the burn stop, give your legs a little more time to recover. Keep your form correct throughout your session.